NENC Patient Group Intensives

Patients can benefit from the experience of group clinic visits by sharing their experiences and gather support from one another while being guided through their medical experience.  Dr. Debra will be offering Patient Intensives for Dermatology, Rheumatology, Oncology, Endocrinology & Fertility patients.  You must establish yourself within the practice as a New Patient before registering to be in the group.  Measures to evaluate your current condition, progress, and interventions to manage the conditions will be part of each intensive program.  A MINIMUM registration fee of $25 is required to reserve your space in the intensive and to cover educational materials provided for the program.  Patient Intensives will be billed to insurances- co-pays/deductibles apply at the time of the Intensive.  Please inquire about self-pay options.  Group is limited to 6 people.  Program Intensive begins as four consecutive weeks with a monthly follow-up for the following two months.  Each participant will be provided their personal program workbook along with treatment plan handouts at each visit that will address the most common causes and reliable treatment measures for these conditions.  

Anti-Aging Intensive


Anti-Aging is a broad subject, what's more meaningful is to know how you personally are aging.  We can take the before and after pictures of your genes so to speak, and repair the damage that is going on from a variety of things- stress, inactivity, poor dietary habits, electro-pollution, chemical exposure and more.  You will also learn about DNA resonsance theory and the mind-body approach to anti-aging.  


UPFRONT MATERIALS COST for book and baseline telomere testing: $_______

Fertility Intensive


More to come...

Endocrine Intensive


More to come...

Dermatology Intensive

August 2019


Rheumatology Intensive

registration closed

Comprehensive laboratory evaluation to identify markers, causes & monitor condition, nutritional therapy, botanical therapy, homeopathy, lifestyle, exercise regimens, and other therapies will be discussed each week that benefit most if not all rheumatology conditions.

Must be registered as a patient in the practice prior to the first class.

Oncology Intensive

registration closed

Cancer toxicology, identify causes & treatment for inflammation, Anti-cancer diet, Mind-Body medicine, exercise for cancer recovery, body therapies for immune regulation, botanical medicine and more for general oncology care.  Disease specific recommendations will be done on an individual basis.

Must be registered as a patients in the practice prior to the first class.