Naturopathic Medical Services

Comprehensive Naturopathic Medical services are provided at NENC.  

Dr. Debra is a provider for Anthem BC/BS, CIGNA, Aetna, United Healthcare Oxford of CT, Connecticare & Harvard Pilgrim.

WE ARE CURRENTLY OFFERING TELEHEALTH VISITS DURING THE CORONAVIRUS MANDATED RESTRICTIONS- MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED.  We provide online connection to auto-fill forms for a seamless experience.  We provide comprehensive care including conventional lab testing, imaging, and functional medicine evaluation for treatment planning.  Patienit access to online supplement ordering or curbside pick-up is available. 



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Comprehensive Case Review

Your entire medical history will be reviewed along with previous labwork and procedures.  An evaluation of your nutritional intake, supplement regimen, lifestyle and medications will be conducted prior to issuing treatment planning.  Consideration of your personal time, finances, and ability are incorporated into your plan along with referrals to specialists when needed. 

Functional Medicine Testing

Conventional lab testing will be done more thoroughly along with functional medicine testing from specialty companies.  Breath testing for SIBO, digestive stool analysis, food sensitivity and allergy testing, nutritional panels and more will be done when necessary.  

Genetic Cancer Screening through Myriad Laboratories is also ordered when the cancer history warrants this type of testing.

Breast & Body Thermography

Heat imaging is used to detect early changes in the breast tissue and is useful for detecting problems in other areas of the body.  We offer this several times a year.  


postponed during mandate


Nutritional Therapy & Weight Management

A variety of nutritional testing is offered, a nutritional physical is included in your exam, and a review of a diet diary is often recommended before proceeding with a nutritional prescription or weight management plan.  

Botanical Medicine, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy & Flower Essences

The natural world offers us many different solutions to our mental, emotional and physical problems.  We use a variety of forms and brands of products to get the best results for your health issues.

Sauna, Detoxifying Footbath & Cleansing Programs

These services are either offered a la carte or as a comprehensive program to address chronic conditions, seasonal cleansing, allergies, post surgical or injury recovery, for chronic digestive issues, pelvic/fertility problems and weight loss.