NENC Learning Institute

Curriculum-based Educational Series. Professional level education that pertains to everyday life.  FALL SEMESTER REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN- Early bird registration discounts apply.  Courses come with educational materials and supplies.


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Sept 17th-Oct 22nd

6:30-8:30 PM



Herbalism 101

Dr. Debra takes you through this 6 part series to teach you how to use the most common medicinal herbals that are culinary, nutritional & medicinal. Learn how to make infusions, decoctions, & tinctures including how to use culinary herbs as medicine. 6 weekly 2 hr sessions include samples and educational materials.  Max 10 people per session. No make-up sessions available.

Early Bird Special $250 before August 30th

$350 after

Per Ticket

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Nov 5th-Dec 17th 6:30-8:30 PM


Homeopathy 101

 Dr. Debra will teach you the basics of how homeopathy works, how to take a basic case, how to repertorize symptoms, use low potency remedies for common conditions as well as how to use cell salt remedies. This is very useful for families to manage common cold/flu, allergies, insect bites, injuries and more.  

Early Bird Special $250 before October 15th

$350 after

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Winter Semester


Farmacy Cuisine 101

Dr. Debra will take you through this 6 part series to learn how to use food for health, behavior and nutrition by selecting natural food choices based on evidence-based medicine. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, immune/auto-immune conditions and more can benefit from using farm to table cuisine. Food selection, cooking prep and meal planning is included in the series.  6 weekly sessions, 2 hrs, includes samples and educational materials.Max 10 people per session.

No make-up sessions available.

Early Bird Special $250 


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In the Kitchen with Dr. Debra

Seasonally inspired nutritional cooking and meal planning classes throughout the year. 

Herbal Happy Hour

Seasonally inspired herbal preparation- tea, soup, tonics and more offered throughout the year.

Guest Programs

Local experts in their field will be invited to present programs for health enhancement and life enrichment.