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Comprehensive Integrative Alternative Medicine



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Rheumatology, Immunology & Supportive Oncology Care

Use the power of natural medicine to treat chronic immune dysfunction, allergies, and auto-immune conditions.  Learn how to strengthen and support your immune system for optimal health.  Comprehensive treatment planning for oncology cases in collaboration with medical and radiation oncologists.  Genetic Cancer Screening in collaboration with Myriad Genetics.  Far infrared sauna and ionic footbath for pain control.  Acupuncture, cupping & Gua Sha treatments.


Integrative Dermatology & Skin Therapies

Get to the source of your skin issues by treating your microbiome, optimizing digestion, treating nutritional deficiencies, and finding the source of the issue.  Extensive review of body products for optimal health of hair, skin & nails.  Natural Gluten-free beauty products are suitable for pregnancy, lactation and oncology.  Natural Beauty Mixing Bar on-site using natural and organic unscented bases with essential oil bar.  Daily skin care products for all skin types.

Endocrinology, Fertility & Hormone Balancing

Conventional and functional medicine hormone testing for individualized treatment planning using plant based & glandular treatments.  Comprehensive Fertility Care provided in collaboration with local Reproductive Endocrinology services.  Fertility acupuncture provided to optimize conception and for interventional fertility egg retrieval and embryo transfer.  Comprehensive supportive care for pregnancy, birth planning for labor & delivery, and prevention of post-partum complications.  Cleansing & detoxification for hormone balancing.

Nutritional Therapy & Weight Management

Conventional and functional medicine nutritional testing for deficiencies, imbalances, allergies and more are used for individualized treatment planning.  Consideration of blood type, lifestyle, cooking skills, budget, cultural considerations are all taken into account.  Incorporating technology using apps, devices and computer programs are included.  Keto, paleo, SIBO, blood type, low histamine, FODMAP, Metabolic Typing, Zone, 21 Day Fix, Mediterranean, Vegan/vegetarian, Gluten-Free/allergen-free diets and meal planning are all considerations.  Meal planning sessions, Kitchen Cupboard Makeovers & Cooking in the Kitchen with Dr. A are programs and services available.